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OEM Level Calibration Development

OEM Level Calibration Development

Dec 6, 2005

Product evaluation and development based on the target market

Emissions and 50 state calibrations to account for various aftermarket changes to the vehicles powertrain

Database Management and Manufacturer interfacing to deliver successful turn-key products to consumers



  1. roy carter /

    I would like to know a little about your email tuning services. I have an 04 srt-4 with a few mods and just purchased a diablosport predator and would like a custom tune per my mods. Thank you

  2. Brian /

    That’s no problem. If you want to email me your last tune written and a list of modifications we can go from there.

  3. Deen Hylton /

    I understand you have tuned turbo PT Cruisers before. I have an 03 with large turbo, crane 14′s, RC 750′s, modified intake manifold, etc. running 26 PSI. Still running a 2 Bar Map and Tip. Tuned via a DTECH. I’m thinking of switching to a DSport for better control.
    I understand I’ll need a 3 Bar Map and Tip. Can you tune without having to switch to a fuel return line? I’m running returnless now. Also how much for the custom tune and do you sell the Dsport?

  4. Daniel Tolton /

    wondering if you can tune a stage 3 srt-4 to get a little bit more out of it… Have several bolt ons and want to get more out of a stage 3 pcm. email is daniel5006@charter.net thanks..

  5. Toney parker /

    I have a highly modded stage 2 srt 4 in desperate need of a tune DESPERATE!! I would likeit tuned for everyday driving use seeing as my kther vehicle was totaled by my girlfriend. I am currently making to much power and would loke to be able to. Drive it safely around town with my daugther in the car i bout it tuned already but it was efficent tuning i heard your the best from the srt forums and i need your help. My email is bigtoney2@yahoo.com

  6. Sure I can help you. My email is brian@drag-ontuning.com

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